Terms of service


1. Definitions

CONSUMER: natural person who makes purchases for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out, pursuant to art. 3 Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, as amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014 (Consumer Code).

CUSTOMER: consumer buyer who has received the purchase order confirmation from Nuova Elle Emme S.r.l ..
USER: consumer visiting the site who has not yet received the purchase order confirmation from Nuova Elle Emme S.r.l ..

2. Identity of the contractual parties

1. This contract is concluded between Nuova Elle Emme Srl, with registered office in Italy, Agliana (PT), via Terracini, 32, VAT number 01240790475 (hereinafter also only NEE) and the Customer, who declares to reside in the been Italian and have completed eighteen years of age.

2. By presenting the products on the site www.demo-shop.it owned by N.E.E., the same invites the users of the site to formulate a purchase proposal towards it. These invitations to propose are not binding on N.E.E., which remains free to accept or not accept the proposals made.

3. The User and the Customer undertake to diligently keep their login credentials to the site www.demo-shop.it, as well as to take all appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized third parties and / or minors from making purchases using the User or Customer credentials.

3. Effectiveness and modification of the General Conditions of Sale

1. The General Conditions of Sale are available on the website www.demo-shop.it to be easily consulted by the User at any time, as well as obligatorily accepted when registering on the website www.demo-shop.it. They can be stored on the device used by the User (computer, smartphone or tablet), sent by email to an address chosen by the User and / or reproduced on paper by printing.

2. E.E. reserves the right to update, modify and / or supplement the General Conditions of Sale, which may be consulted by the User in the same manner as in the previous paragraph. They must be accepted again by the User before submitting the purchase orders. N.E.E. expressly reserves the right to make the possibility for the User to make purchase proposals subject to the prior acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale as updated, modified and / or integrated in the most recent version.

4. Definition and subject of the contract

1. This contract is a distance contract pursuant to letter g) of art. 45 of the Consumer Code, the content, conclusion and execution of which are governed according to the aforementioned legislation. The bargaining between N.E.E. and the Customer is, among other things, disciplined in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 (legislation on electronic commerce).

2. The contract relates to the sale of men's and women's clothing falling within the category of the so-called "External knitwear" for men and women, all produced and marketed by N.E.E. and marked by the DEMO brand;

3. The essential characteristics of the products are those reported in the description of each product offered for sale through the demo-shop.it site.